Planning your Pool

Panama City Pools with WaterfallPlanning your pool begins with your vision of your outdoor living space. Take time to envision your backyard environment as you would like it to be when entertaining or when it is just you and your family relaxing. A pool design should consider your plans for your patio, outdoor kitchen, garden, and play area. Whether or not we are involved in doing your landscaping, we need to understand the plans so all elements of the finished poolscape are integrated visually and with its traffic flow. Talk to our experts, we can make your dream a reality.

What pool shape and design are right for your family? We will assist you in determining the right pool design, size, and location for you. If you are working with architects, we will work with them to ensure your design complements both your home and landscaping. The following are factors that will affect the specifications of your pool.

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  • The size of your family and the expected number of guests help determine the dimensions.
  • Your planned pool use such as swimming laps, playing sports and making a kiddies area available are factors in determining the shape, length, and depths.
  • The yard size, terrain, tree coverage, and sun path impact your plan
  • Your township or subdivision association guidelines or regulations on lot set-back or coverage could affect your project size.
  • Your home’s architecture style and your entertainment lifestyle have an impact on the pool shape, surrounding layout and materials.

Decide on your budget. Investing in a pool is an investment in your home and your lifestyle. Together we can work out a plan that suits your budget and your dreams.

Custom concrete swimming pools are considered the top quality for in-ground pool construction with good reason.

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  • Each pool is custom designed and is structurally unique. They are created of a continuous durable concrete vessel with virtually unlimited options of size, shape, depth and structural features.
  • More natural materials such as real stone, stone finishes, shells, and landscaping can be incorporated into their designs.
  • A greater creative approach is possible, including negative edges, fountains, waterfalls, and free form designs to blend into and accent a home’s theme or landscaping feature.
  • While custom concrete pools generally are more expensive and may take longer to build, they are worth it. They can last a lifetime and are truly an investment in your home.

There are five main phases in pool building:

Your pool will be built by Panama Pools & Spas, LLC employees with only a few exceptions. For some specialized functions, we do use strategic partner-contractors that meet our standards for both quality and timeliness. We manage the overall timelines and quality.

    • Designing your backyard living area: This can take from just a few days to weeks depending on the scope of your project and how well defined your vision and complex the features.
    • Permitting your pool: Depending on the time of the year, permitting usually takes a minimum of three weeks. It can involve engineering, survey, and topography plans as well as obtaining building permits, financing arrangements and locating the pool design in your backyard.
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  • The construction phase: The time required varies with each design.
    • Excavation of the hole
    • Creating required retaining walls
    • Installation of forms, rebar, plumbing, and electrical ducts
    • Application of the concrete to create a continuous vessel
    • Application of tiles, coping and interior finish.
  • Pool finishing: Installation of the equipment and special features is one of the last phases of completion. The area must be clean for filling with water and starting the pool’s operation.
  • The deck and landscaping: This must be coordinated with the pool construction since it may be depending on access issues relating to retaining walls, fencing, masonry work, walkways, pool decking, and tree planting.

Panama City Residential PoolEquipment selection

There is a wide selection of equipment available. Technology has advanced tremendously in the past few years, providing significant gain in energy efficiency and reduction in noise levels in pumps. Integrated control systems allow equipment operations to be programmed to operate at the most energy efficient times and to be controlled by remote control for ease of operation of your water features. Alternative sanitizing systems, enhanced filtration, and cleaning systems have dramatically reduced the maintenance of pools.

Our proposal for your pool will include equipment recommendations based on the specific requirements for the pool, spa and water features in your design. Your budget will be considered as well, but in this regard, we will make you aware of upgrade options in regards to energy efficiency and convenience if these are not included in your proposal. We want to simplify the selection process for you.

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Features to be considered prior to construction

The following options should be considered prior to construction due to the requirement for plumbing or wiring, or because an alternative may have been committed to in the plan. We want you to be aware of the options and features available to make the operation of your pool simple and to minimize its maintenance. While many pool safety features are covered by regulations in the pool design, it is important for you to consider other safety products to meet your specific needs and support to continuous adult supervision and child education, which should be considered the primary safety measures.

Panama City Beach Bar Pool

  • In-floor cleaning systems: Jets pop up from the floor to direct the dirt to a drain
  • Pebbled Pool Finishes: The durability of stone with the elegance and beauty of Mother Nature
  • Automatic pool covers: Ease of coverage keeps the dirt out
  • Automated sanitizer systems: Keeps the water in balance to reduce the risk of algae problems
  • Automatic control systems: Automates an integrated pool management system
  • Automatic water leveling devices: Makes sure your pool is always full without ever lifting a finger or a hose
  • Removable baby fencing: Easily removed and re-installed when entertaining

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