You will be amazed how refreshed your whole backyard setting will look. Every few years we remodel or repaint our houses, so why not our pools? We often make some structural changes to our houses as well to reflect our changing lifestyle to modify an older house we just bought. So why not modify your pool features for the same reason, to reflect your lifestyle and not that of the previous owners.

A renovation facelift is in order if you like the basic shape and features of your existing pool. This might entail plastering the walls, replacing the tile, changing to new energy efficient equipment, adding lights, water features and redesigning the deck. The result is a new pool look.

A major remodel is more like designing a new pool in that it starts with your vision of what you want your backyard to look like. Assuming the vision has some semblance of the original pool shape and location in mind, then a remodel will deliver your dream – just like a new pool. Within reason, pool shapes and sizes can be altered incorporating a number of features such as a vanishing edge, steps, sunning platforms, and water features. Deck materials can be changed to add pattern or texture interest and incorporate a firepit. Equipment should be updated to the latest in energy efficiency and easy control – making the operations of lights and other bells and whistles all at your fingertips with a single remote control. When your poolscape remodel is done, you really do have a new pool.

Revitalizing your pool adds more value to your real-estate and enhances your family’s outdoor lifestyle. You can create an environment for entertaining and family fun, or perhaps your own Zen-like backyard escape where nights can be spent listening to water trickle in soothing reflection. Whatever your desire, we can make it happen. Our Master Pool Guild affiliation gives us an advantage of bringing architectural ideas from across the country to your backyard. We are ready to help you with your dream poolscape.

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