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Panama Pools & Spas has been providing pool maintenance service in the Bay and Walton counties for over 40 years. 

We are a factory-trained warranty and service station for the most popular of brands.  With our focus on continual education and our affiliation with the Master Pools Guild, you can count on Panama Pools & Spas being familiar with the newest swimming pool technologies

  • Seasonal pool opening and closing
  • Equipment servicing – filter cleaning, heater repairs or pump repairs
  • Equipment repair and replacement, including emergency services
  • Maintenance Service – Weekly or as-required for holidays
  • Leak detections and stoppage
  • Safety covers and child safety fencing design and installation 

Ways to reduce maintenance
All our new pools are designed to reduce pool owner maintenance.   Ask our technicians to assess your equipment and recommend ways to reduce your pool maintenance through automation. The following new equipment technology will reduce maintenance and save energy too:  

  • Automatic water sanitation systems consisting of salt water chlorine generation and ozone systems
  • Large capacity filtration systems that perform for an entire swim season without cleaning
  • Robotic pool cleaners that travel automatically around your pool
  • Variable Flow pumps which offer remarkable energy cost savings. Click here to see how much you can save

Operate your pool by wireless remote control – Turn up the heat from work!
Wireless technology has entered the pool industry.  While at the office use your computer to control the temperature of your pool, or call on your cell while en route home.  Let Panama Pools & Spas and our knowledge of remote control systems give you the level of ease and convenience in pool ownership you’re looking for.


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