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Panama Pools of Northwest Florida, Inc.,  has been building quality residential and commercial swimming pools throughout Northwest Florida since 1964.  Operating as Panama Pools & Spas, we design, build and remodel pools from Pensacola to Tallahassee.  We also provide renovation, repair and services throughout the region, and weekly cleaning and maintenance in Bay and Walton counties.

Panama Pools & Spas is the exclusive Master Pools Builder in North West Florida – a member of the Master Pools Guild. This international network of elite custom pool builders is committed to the sharing of technology and techniques in our quest to building the world’s finest pools.

We do more than build family swimming pools - we make family fun!  Our mission is to meet our client’s vision - to create the poolscape environment that will be the focal point for family gatherings and one to be proud of and enjoy every day.

Commercial pool construction is an integral part of our business – from condos, hotels and motels to the military and water-parks.   Our largest commercial project won the Grand International Award at the Master Pools Guild 2005 contest. A lazy river, two pools and two spas were included the 13,000 square feet of water area.  You can view this in our Gallery of Pools.

Our goal is to excel as a quality medium-size company.  We don't want to grow so large that we lose the personal connection with our clients. Our construction is a good balance of family swimming pools, larger estate-pools and commercial pools.  We design pools with the latest technology and trends in mind -  which is to have more special water design features; to include sophisticated water management and energy conserving equipment, including programmable control automation. Keeping up to date on technology is the basis of our membership in the Master Pools Guild. 

For over 45 years we have supported what we sell!   While our weekly maintenance service is more limited geographically, our renovation and repair service covers wherever we build.  We want to ensure your satisfaction with every pool we build.

Panama Pools & Spa is a third generation family-owned company, with each generation having grown up in the business appreciating and continuing the attention to detail and quality. Panama Pools was formed in 1964 by the Russell family. John W. Gay joined the company in 1973 and purchased the business from his wife’s family in 1984. Having been born and raised in Panama City and lived in Pensacola for twenty years, John understands the idiosyncrasies of the different marketplaces.

Stephen M. Gay is the current president and owner, having acquired the business from his father John in 1998.  John remains active in the company as General Manager and specialist in Commercial Sales. Stephen learned the business from the ground up, starting with cleaning swimming pools on a weekly basis in Pensacola in 1991. In 1998 he moved to Panama City when he acquired the company, which is still headquartered at the same location as where it was founded in 1964.



Master Pools Guild
Panama Pools of Northwest Florida, Inc is an active member of Master Pools Guild since 1969.  For more information about the Guild and the benefits to you of Panama Pools & Spas being a Master Pools Builder, see the Master Pools Guild section in this website.

Chamber of Commerce of Panama City  
Panama Pools of Northwest Florida, Inc. is an active member of the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce.


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